Skin Cancer Treatments


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia, with Australia having the highest rate of skin cancer worldwide. The 3 most common types of skin cancer are:

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)



Thankfully, when detected early, the majority of skin cancers can be fully cured. The key to treatment is the early detection and diagnosis of the skin cancer before it has progressed to an advanced stage.

However, the detection of skin cancer and its diagnoses can be quite complex, with some skin cancers more easily detectable than others. To achieve a high succession rate, doctors need the correct background and years of rigorous training with extensive clinic experience.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr Tasman Lipscombe is recognized as a leading expert in Sydney in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Mohs Surgery

Mohs is the most advances and effective treatment for skin cancers and requires further training and studies for a Dermatologist to perform. Please see the Mohs Surgery page for full details.

Standard Surgery

Surgical excision is the most common form of treatment for the removal of skin cancers, recognised by the Australian Government in conjunction with the National health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Most smaller skin cancers can easily be removed using this method under local anesthetic.

Flap and Graft Surgery

Larger skin cancers can leave a larger defect (hole) once they have been removed, which then need to be covered. This can be done by moving the adjacent skin to cover the hole, a 'flap', or by taking a patch of skin from a different part of the body and using it to cover the hole, known as a 'graft'.

Anti-Cancer Creams

Anti-cancer creams, such as Aldara and Efudix, are non-surgical treatments which involve the regular application of creams over several days, or weeks, to burn off any skin cancer.

Anti-cancer creams are only effective against early and superficial (non-skin penetrating) skin cancers.

Other Treatments

Other treatments for skin cancers including freezing (liquid nitrogen), scraping (curettage) and burning (diathermy), and may be used for simpler forms of skin cancers that don't require surgical intervention.